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How To Stop Being A Perfectionist (So You Can Scale Your Business)


Ready to start taking action and get results in your business… without perfectionism holding you back?

Perfectionism can be a curse which constantly stops you from getting things out into the world and making the impact and income you want.

Discover 4 ways I have been able to overcome perfectionism and get this video out into the world to hopefully help you!

Is it perfect? Nooooooooooooo... there are so many things I could fix, perfect... but I chose to take action and get it out there instead!


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By the end of this video, you will not be a perfectionist anymore. I'm going to show you how to stop being a perfectionist so you can scale your business.

Hi, I'm Shannon Phelps, recovering perfectionist, and I help high achieving entrepreneurs scale their revenue and create a time leveraged business. We turn vision into a scalable action plan. In this video we are going to talk about the dreaded curse of being a perfectionist.

I myself am a recovering perfectionist. It still depends on what part of my life it is, but I feel like now I'm getting to the point where I'm taking action and I'm doing a lot of things that I never would have done before and that's because I've overcome that need of needing approval from everyone and understanding what perfectionism is and some tools that I'm going to tell you in this video on how I overcome came it and I think if you got a paper and pen or a journal and you did these exercises, I think by the end of this video you could be a recovering perfectionist just like me.

Let's understand perfectionism.

Perfectionism is basically the fear of being judged. It's the belief that if we don't put out our best work, then people are going to judge us. And the way they'll do that, especially when we're referring to our business, is they are not going to follow us, read our content, watch our videos, and ultimately they're not going to buy our stuff.

So when we talk about perfectionism, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs and business owners, it really stops us from taking action on the things that we need to do, like doing video and getting that product out there. ​

I don't know what stage of the journey that you're on, but you are either holding back on the next program that you want to create or you are holding off on the first program that you can create. And the business seems like it's stalled and it's never going to go anywhere.

Let's figure out how to change that right now. So now that we know that perfectionism is basically the fear of being judged, let's change the belief.

1 - Change the Belief

Your beliefs are held in your subconscious mind and knowing that they're there and reprogramming them can be really difficult.

The first thing we want to do is create so much pain and understand what this fear of getting judged and being a perfectionist is actually costing us.

I want you to write down what is perfectionism costing you in your life.

So let's keep it to business and then if this exercise works for you, you can work to other areas of your life. So let's start in business. What is perfectionism costing you? What is it stopping you from doing? What is it costing you in your business? Scaling? Is it costing you traffic because you won't get on video and do video? Is it costing you a revenue? And I bet it is!

There are things that perfectionism does that hold you back because you can only take actions based on the beliefs that you have. So if your belief is I can't get anything out there until it's perfect, then you are definitely not doing the things that you need to do. ​

Write down all the things that it's costing you in your business: revenue, sales, connections, traffic, getting stuff out there, helping people... write all of that down.

And if you can quantify the amount of money, then that will be really powerful. So if you know that video is something that you could do and just say you could make from video getting consistent traffic from video and you were consistent with it, then what if you, it was costing you three sales a week or one sale a week. If you have $3,000 program, that's $12,000 a month. Start really thinking about what is this financially costing me? Cause that will be a lot of pain.

So the next question is what actions would you take if you weren't a perfectionist?

So what are the things you would be doing in your business if you weren't a perfectionist? If you didn't have that fear of being judged and you were happy with just getting something out there (and deep down you will know what those things are). Write those things down.

Now what we need to do is act as if you already have the beliefs that would get you to do those things. So one thing that you need to ask yourself is who would I have to be to do the list of things that you've written down? What sort of beliefs would you have to have about yourself, about your business, about maybe the industry that you are in? What beliefs would you have to have about the way you carry yourself in this world? About the way people think about you? What beliefs would you have to have for you to do that list of things that you did just then?

Sit down and write down out all of those things, what sort of beliefs would you have to have? Would you believe that your clients love you and you get great results for them. That you help everybody in your videos, that you get amazing comments because people find your videos so valuable. You know, those imperfect videos that you're putting out there, it's not about you, it's about the content. So what beliefs do you have around all of that? And once you've answered those three questions, you have the foundation for changing the beliefs.

If you would like to dive deeper into this, then I have a free training on and in that free training I go into how to change the beliefs that you have so that you can remove the invisible barriers that are holding you back. If this is something that you're interested in doing, go to and make sure you do that training.

2 - You Are Always Being Judged

So let's move onto the second thing to help you stop being a perfectionist. So you can grow your business, you are always being judged. So you need to understand that regardless of you putting out your best work, you are still going to be judged. You are going to be judged positively and negatively. We all know that you cannot make everybody happy.  I know that once I put this video out there, even though I know it can help some people, there will be people who will find something in this video that they don't like. Maybe they don't like my accent or I know I speak too slowly. Um, sometimes I say, um, and so too much. So those things will bug people, but they're not the people I'm trying to connect with.

Just make sure that you understand that even your best work will be judged. And your ego might say, well, it will be judged by less people because it's a much better quality. It really does not matter. It may be one or two people who don't judge it as much, but you have to understand that no matter what you do, you're going to be judged. So who cares? Just get stuff out there. Take action. Because if you're not taking action, then you're not getting results. So make sure, no more fear of judgment. Whatever comes your way, comes your way. Take a deep breath. Realize they're not your people and they're not the people that you're trying to help.

No longer worry about being judged because it's happening across the board all the time.

3 - Flip The Focus

The third thing to overcoming perfectionism is to flip the focus. 

When you are a perfectionist, you are focusing on you. You're worried about your feelings, about how people are going to judge you, what they're going to think of you, and that affects you, but it's not about you. So we want to flip the focus from us to serving people. If you just focused on how many people can I serve with this action that I know I need to take, then you become less worried about all of these internal fears that you have and stopping you from doing the things that you need to do. So flip the focus from the internal fear of judgment, which hopefully because of the prior two steps you're going to overcome that.

But flip the focus to how many people can I serve. If I get one video out there and it helps one or two people, I have served one person, don't worry about the numbers, just start taking actions and then I promise you it will grow.

So flip the focus from internal to serving and that perfectionism mechanism will start to disappear.

4 - Iteration

The fourth tip that I have for you in overcoming perfectionism is the idea of iteration. So there is always a first iteration of anything, even music like songs that you've loved, who knows what that started out as, who knows what the lyrics were to your favorite song before it was ever put into production and released as its best version of itself.

The same with movies. I have worked in TV for a really long time and I know the first draft of a script through to the final draft that we actually shoot and then the amount of takes that we shoot to how it gets edited and the first version of the edit to the final version that you see. There are so many iterations that happen to go from what is a sometimes not a great script to start off with through to something that everybody loves and get high ratings or it's just something that everybody talks about.

So you are only ever putting yourself up against the final iteration that someone has released and you need to realize that someone's program, if you actually looked at it when it was in its first iteration, then maybe it wasn't that good. If you watch any amount of youtube videos and people who are successful, they always say that my program now is so much different. And the reason it's different is because that number one, they got it out there and then they get feedback. So they enter that feedback loop where people are giving them feedback on what's working and what's not working. And you can't get that feedback and you can't improve unless you get that first iteration out there, whether it's terrible or it's fantastic.

I mean, if you look at someone like Sunny Lenarduzzi, she's just amazing and teachers amazing YouTube strategies. She's great in front of the camera, but if you honestly go back and look at her first videos, they are pretty basic yet her content amazing. And she was able to build a multimillion dollar brand from starting with those very basic videos and you can too. And she talks about that. She talks about her original videos being basic and she had been through broadcasting school and she was also a journalist. So she was already comfortable being in front of the camera and yet her videos from then to now are just miles apart. But we are comparing ourselves to the Sunny now, not the Sunny when she started. So I really want you to take in their idea of iteration and the first iteration.

All you need to think about is it is feedback. All I need from these first iteration is feedback.

The main reason I want you to go through these ideas and these exercises is because you have something to give to the world. You have to serve in your way. That's why you are in business so you can take action but you can't scale your business as a perfectionist because it stops you from taking action. So I really, really want you to go through those steps and figure out how you can take the action that you need so that you can get your message out there. You can get your videos out there, you can get your products out there and change the world with your own special unique gifts.




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