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How To Reach Your Business Goals (By Creating A Business Designed To Scale)

Have you had the same business goal FOR YEARS and no matter what you do, you can never seem to reach it?

Make sure you watch the EXACT steps you need to define you business goals and then map them out and take action on them.

EVERY step is essential to ensure you can skyrocket your results and finally set and achieve your business goals.


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I'm guessing that you have tried every goal achieving system productivity system, every marketing strategy and every product and funnel strategy out there and still you cannot reach your business goals. Well, I'm going to show you how you can reach your business goals by creating a business designed to scale

Hi, I'm Shannon Phelps and I help high achieving entrepreneurs scale their revenue and create a time leveraged business. We turn vision into a scalable action plan and that's exactly what you need to do if you want to reach your business goals.

Before we dive into this video, I have a full one hour training which will help you achieve your business goals. It is the five steps to create a six and then seven figure time leveraged business. It's a one hour training and if you go to then you can watch the training and you will get everything you need to actually reach your goals.

Step 1 - Know Your Destination

But get started with this video first. So the first thing that you need to do to reach your business goals is set a destination. And a destination isn't grow my business or $1 million a year. 

A destination is where you sit down and you work out exactly what your dream life should look like. I honestly believe that our business should give us the life of our dreams. Why else create it? Not just financially, but also what time-wise and how we want to impact the world.

So we're creating these incredible businesses, but they shouldn't be at the expense of our personal life. So the first thing we need to do is define the destination.

Where do you want to get to in your life? And then translate it into your business? So what are the things that you want out of life? What are the experiences? What are the material objects? What are your living circumstances? What are the things you want to try and do every single year? Do you want to do seminars or go to meditation retreats? Sit down and dream away and just build this incredible life that you want to have?

And then the next thing you need to do is sit down and work out what that will cost. So work out monthly what it would cost to have this dream lifestyle. How much will the car repayments be? How much will the house repayments be? How much money do you have to put aside to have that big beautiful family experience holiday that you want to have in Europe or Asia?

So work out those things and then work out how much money you would have to put aside monthly to reach these amazing dream life goals that you have. So they your personal expenses.

Once you have that, then you can figure out "What do I need to make in my business to make sure that these things happen?"

So let's say you take 50% of the revenue of your business as income, then you would have to double the amount of revenue that you need to take so that you can get those dream life expenses.

So step one is to figure out exactly what you want and grow my business, and just a random $1 million a year business is not it. There's nothing to tug you towards it. There's nothing that the law of attraction can kind of dig into and help you achieve.

And then once you've figured that out, work out how much that's going to cost you a month and then figure out what percentage of revenue you take as income. And then you can work out what your monthly revenue targets are. So that step one, knowing your destination.

2 - Be the person who has already achieved these goals

So before we go any further, you need to be the person who has already achieved these goals because I can guarantee you, you will not be able to achieve that dream life if your self beliefs don't support it. And I can guarantee that if you haven't achieved it, then your self beliefs don't allow you to believe it.

So the first thing that you need to do is after this video, go to and watch that training because the first step is all about implanting beliefs that support you reaching your goals and removing the invisible barriers that are holding you back from actually achieving these goals that you're setting.

So to be the person that has already achieved these goals, you need to write out what sort of beliefs would I have to have, what sort of actions would I be taking?

And once you figure that out, you need to act as if you are that person as much as possible. And the second thing you need to do is try and implant these beliefs into your subconscious mind because that's where all of your beliefs are held. So once you know what these beliefs are, start to have the feelings of the person who has achieved it and spend five, 10 minutes a day reading through these beliefs and feeling the feeling as if you have these beliefs. And then it will start to go into your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what is real. So the reality that you think is all around us and stories that and thoughts that keep going over and over in your mind, especially if you are attaching emotions to it.

So that step to make sure that you are the person who has already achieved these beliefs.

Step 3 - Work out your Roadmap

Number three is to work out a roadmap. Now when we're talking about growing our business, the roadmap needs to be something that is tangible and measurable. So your roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be is monthly targets. So these targets need to be your revenue targets and you've already worked that out in your first step and then figure out what your monthly targets are.

From there you'll be able to figure out how many sales you need to make of your program or programs to reach this revenue target. And then once you know how many sales you can start working out all of your different metrics: what sort of list size you need, how much traffic you need and page views you need, what sort of following you need. It just depends on what sort of platform you are on and what marketing strategy you are using. So make sure your roadmap is clear metric targets that are measurable and trackable.

Step 4 - Create A Plan (Inevitable Sales System)

Step number four is to create a plan... and I call this the Inevitable Sales System. And if you go to, I will outline step by step exactly how to create your own inevitable sales system. You don't have to buy anything. You can take what you learn in that one hour training and map it out and I can guarantee you, you will start scaling your business to almost instantly.

So go and watch that training and I will outline the inevitable sales system, but basically what the inevitable sales system is, and the plan that you need, is you need to figure out... (we've already figured out what your roadmap is. So what the metric targets are, what the sales and the revenue targets are.) Now you have to make a plan to make that inevitable.

So we need to figure out how you're constantly getting new traffic, how you're constantly building your communities, so the lists and the followings you have and then how you are creating constant content for them. So you're bringing in new people and then you're sending them to your sales process. So when we normally talk about it or when other people talk about this, it's all about growing your audience, nurturing your audience, and converting your audience.

Now I've broken it down because I tried to do that for years and I still couldn't make sales because there were key missing pieces that just don't fit together in that. And I want you to go through that training and then you can map out every single thing that happens to take someone from where they meet you on one platform all the way through to being a customer. And once you map that out, it is inevitable that you will start making consistent sales.

And if you are designing your inevitable sales system to fit in with your metric targets, then it has to be inevitable because you are constantly creating a plan and a system to hit the targets that you need to so that you can actually reach the goals that you set out. So to reach the destination. Once you have your plan or your inevitable sales system, however you choose to create this plan, you as I said, it has to be measurable.

Step 5 - Track & Review

So then you need to measure and track what you're doing to make sure that you are getting the results that you want. This is how we compound results and you can sky rocket your business because what you want to start doing is focusing more on the things that are working. And if you're tracking and measuring everything and you're viewing it regularly, like once a week and deeper ones, once every month and once every three months, then you're constantly eliminating the things that aren't working and spending your time on the things that are working. And that is when you'll get exponential growth and you compound your results. So you may not see that, that exponential growth straightaway. But if you keep doing that, your business will scale really, really quickly. 

Step 6 - Create A Success Schedule

And the final step is to make sure it happens. So you need to create your own success schedule.

How are you going to lay out your week? How are you going to fit in all the tasks in that inevitable sales system or your business plan to make sure that you are getting everything done?

Because a plan without taking action on every single item of the plan isn't going to work.

Where are you going to schedule all your reviews and tracking? Where are you going to put all the tasks for different marketing strategies that you're using? Where are you going to do your client work or create new programs? You need to figure out what are the recurring tasks that I am doing over and over again and how can I schedule all of the them into a success schedule so I know that they get done every single week so that I'm taking action on the things that I know are working towards the goal that I want.

And then the other thing is we need to make sure we're doing them really efficiently. So we want to be focusing on batching like tasks, doing social media on one day or doing all your videos on one day. So you set up as I have you set everything up because the time to set things up takes time. So I don't want to put makeup on every single day, so I don't want to be creating a video here and a video there. I want to do one day where I do three to six videos and then they go off for editing. And then another day I might be doing all of my writings. So I get in flow and I'm able to just push out a whole lot of written content.

So the way to make sure this works is to go through your plan or your inevitable sales system and break down every single strategy that you have there. You need to write out every single step that needs to happen for you to execute and finish that strategy. And then once you've got that, you've got a whole lot of tasks that need to be scheduled into your week. And if you get to the point where you can't fit everything into the week, that's where you, where you start culling things.

It makes you realize, that that's the reason you're not getting where you want to go because there's too much stuff in your plan and then you're not being able to be consistent and take action on it. So make sure that the plan and the execution of the plan fits into the success schedule because our plan without full action isn't going to work. And if you go to the training and you see the training, then you'll realize that what we're trying to do is keep your plan minimal viable, but also high leverage.

So we're trying to do the least amount of things to get the results of our roadmap, the results of our metrics and our revenue and our sales. So we're trying to do the minimal viable things that will actually get those results. And then once we start getting the feedback from reviewing, we can start adding in new things and taking out the things that aren't working. And that's where we start leveraging our time and we start really scaling the business because we're focusing on high reward, high result tasks and we're eliminating the time consuming things that don't work.


So let's recap exactly what you need to do to finally reach your goals in your business.

  1. You need to know your destination. You have to define exactly what that is. ​
  2. You need to be the person who has already achieved these goals
  3. Create your measurable and trackable roadmap. ​
  4. Create your plan. What's your inevitable sales plan that's going to get you the results and make you make you hit the targets that you've laid out in your roadmap.
  5. Tracking and Reviewing - The way to compound and skyrocket your results is by tracking and reviewing every single thing that you're doing. ​
  6. Make sure that you have a success schedule and everything that you're doing is able to fit into a success schedule and you're taking action on it because if you're not taking action on it, you're definitely not going to get anywhere.

If you would like to go deeper in each one of these steps, make sure you check out the five steps to a six and then seven figure time leveraged business and you can find that free  training at

In this I take you deeper into the inevitable sales systems, the beliefs that you need and the invisible barriers that are holding you back from actually achieving the things that you want in your life.

And there's a couple of key takeaways that I really want you to get out of this video because I know that that is an entire system with everything that you need to go and take action and make some, sometimes small changes in your business, which will have a massive impact. 



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