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How To Create Content That Sells (Without Selling In Your Content)


Ready to create content that converts into sales? No more pitches and selling in your content. Discover the KEY piece missing so you can make every piece of content add sales and revenue while being authentically you and adding massive value!

You have to watch this video if you are tired of the endless content creation cycle that doesn’t get results!


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If you are frustrated because you are creating a heap of content, but it is not converting into the sales and the revenue that you need in your business. Then watch this video.

I’m going to show you a counter intuitive way on how to create content that sells without selling in your content.

Hi, I’m Shannon Phelps and I help high achieving entrepreneurs scale their revenue and create a time leveraged business. We turn vision into a scalable action plan, but in this video we are going to talk about how to create content that sells without actually selling in the content.

So we never want our content to be a big sales pitch because that just feels icky to us and it’s off putting to the people who read it and there’s no real reason for them to read it.

So I’m going to show you the three steps that you need to do so that you can create content that convert into sales in your business. The first thing that we need to focus on is creating magnetic content. We want our content to bring in more people so that they will read it and engage with it. And then once they’ve engaged with it, we want to push them to out sales process.

And that is the secret.

We should never ever sell in our content. We should have a sales process that does the selling and our content is just pushing everybody into our sales process.

Number 1 – Sales Process

So let’s start with number one and that is the sales process.

If you don’t have a sales process in your business, then you are going to struggle to make sales and you are going to have to constantly sell in your content. So we don’t want to do that. We want the sales process to do all the heavy lifting for us. So the one thing that you need to do is make sure you outline and have in place a clear sales process so that you can point your content to the start of the sales process.

Now that can be anything depending on what you’re selling, how much it is, and what you’re comfortable in doing.

Here are a couple of examples just to help you understand what a sales process is.

  • It can be anything from a full fledge funnel with three different videos depending on if it’s a live or an evergreen launch.
  • The other type of sales process which can be evergreen is something like a Webinar, which leads to either a sales or a checkout page. It’s the job of the Webinar to do the selling. So all you have to do in your content is tell them about the free training that you have and get them to go to the free training. And then the free training, which is the Webinar, does the selling for the program.
  • A free pdf download and then that might go to a video and the video would lead to a sales page or a checkout page.
  • If it’s really low priced, then the pdf might go straight to a sales page.
  • If you’re a coach, you might have a video that goes to an application page and then that application page would leave lead to a discovery call and then you would make the sale on the discovery call if you felt they were a good fit.

Just make sure you outline the key steps that are all always in place.

So there are different types of sales processes and I’m figuring if you’re watching this video and you’re making content, then you have something in place already and maybe you just have to tweak it so that you can just make sure that the sales process is doing the job that you require, which is taking in people who want to dive deeper with you and then making the sale in that process.

And if you make sure that you have that sales process set up really well, then selling will become much easier because your content will always lead into the sales process and then the sale can be made. Then based on the feedback that you’re getting and the stats that you’re getting from your sales process, you’ll be able to increase conversions by making tweaks.

So that was number one, making sure you have a sales process.

Number 2 – Create Magnetic Content

Number two is creating magnetic content. So magnetic content is content that draws people in, people who are looking for the solution that you offer, people who have the problem that you have the solution for.

You want your content to draw them in, connect with them, let them know that you understand them and that you have a solution for them.

So you will be creating videos and captions and graphics and all these different types of content that you can put out there, but they will still have the same formula.

You will be trying to get people engaged in what you are putting out there. and then you will be constantly pushing people into the sales process. So it’s a pull in and then a push to the sales process.

So the general outline of magnetic content is:

  • Magnetic Headline. You want your headline to be attention grubbing and make sure you’re calling out the people who you know you can help. Google headline formulas and you will come up with a few headline options. Make sure you speak to your ideal client. If you can use emotional words, make sure you do that.
  • Connect With Them: Once you have their attention, you need to connect with them. You need to let them know that you understand their problem and that you understand exactly where they are now and then help them with a tip or a mindset shift.
    And with that you are showing them that you can help them. If you’re constantly putting out content and good content that helps them, then they are going to be much more likely to go to that next level that you’re inviting them to go to, which will be a free training or a pdf download or a webinar.
  • Make an Offer: So the third thing that needs to happen in this magnetic content is you need to make an offer. So every single time you create a piece of content, you need to be making an offer in that content. And we did talk about not selling in the content, but the offer isn’t selling them on your product. The offer is to go deeper into what you’re already talking about.

Example of an offer:
So in this video I’m telling you about magnetic content and that is part of one of the things that I use in my system. So I would say:

“If you like this video, then make sure you go and check out these free training that I’ve created, which is the five steps to a six and seven figure time leveraged business. And one of those steps is how to create an inevitable sales system. And the magnetic content part is only one key part of that entire process. And I give you everything in that training. So all you have to do is go and watch the training and take notes and I can guarantee you there are a few things that I know you are not doing and that is why you cannot turn traffic into customers. So make sure if you are interested, you go to and watch that video.”

So as you can see, that wasn’t a pitch for you to go and buy my product. It is saying, if you liked what you’ve got here, I’ve got a way for you to go deeper into that.

And then you would go to and watch that training. And then in the training, guess what happens at the end? I make an offer for my program.

Now, make sure that the content that you’re giving or the start of this sales process is highly valuable. So I know that if you went through that training, you could come out of that training and you could actually create a sales system for your business.

But if you would like to go deeper, then I know though there’s a percentage of people who will go to the end of the video, they’ll watch the pitch at the end and they will be interested in going through the Design To Scale system.

So really think about, spend some time before you start creating the content to map out exactly what your process is. And if you do go through to the design to scale free training, then I outline every single step so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. So make sure if you’re interested, interested, you go to

So let’s recap:

How to create content that sells without actually selling in the content.

I hope you had a really good mindset shift here because the key with this is sending all your content into a valuable sales process and then the content that you’re creating is really helpful and valuable. Probably like you’re doing now, it’s just that you’re missing exactly the point of the content.

So it’s to draw in new people and then once you have them engaged, you’re pushing them into the sales process.

The three steps are :

  1. Sales process
  2. Magnetic content
  3. Always make an offer so that they go into the sales process. The offer is not to buy your program. The offer is to go into the start of your sales process.