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How You Can Breakthrough 6-Figures And Stop Wasting Time On Things That Don’t Work

Let me guess… you were thinking the answer was the latest funnel hack, Instagram stories, Pinterest traffic avalanche.

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

How many hours have you spent searching for the BEST strategy to:

👉 Grow your business?

👉 Increase your revenue?

👉 Turn your social media into sales?

My guess is more than you want to think about!

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that you are searching for answers means you REALLY want to succeed.

That you are determined to make it happen.

That you are a frickin’ hard worker!

And they are the traits of someone who is built to succeed.

It’s just you have been looking in all the wrong places…

But it’s hard not to, because the ONLY answers you find are MARKETING STRATEGY!

The thing is, you could ALREADY have a winning strategy in your toolbox but…

👎 without an intentional plan,

👎 without knowing WHAT your destination is

👎 AND without actually reviewing what’s working and what’s not

How can you ACTUALLY know?

A marketing strategy is only as good as the user…

You could give me the most amazing and expensive baking appliances available… and I would still make a complete disaster out of my attempt (Nailed it style!)


Because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing! I don’t know the fundamentals of actually baking something, and decorating.

So unless you have a clear System to CHOOSE and PLUGIN your marketing strategies,

You’re going to end up with a flopped attempt at {insert marketing strategy} eg Instagram, Pinterest, Funnels, LinkedIn

So the secret to breaking through 6 figures is:
To use a System that is Designed To Scale

What Worked Last Year Isn’t Working Now… Here’s Why!

You know all those Gurus who made millions on say YouTube, Instagram etc. and started like 5+ years ago…

and now they are teaching YOU the strategies to follow in their footsteps, the same ones they used 5 years ago to grow their business.

You know “If I can do it, so can you’!

Here’s PROOF why that won’t work anymore (besides the fact that Instagram or YouTube is NOT a business… it’s a traffic source 🤔… but I digress)

The online business game has changed and is changing rapidly.

I read a really fascinating article about the progression of society and that the progress of the entire 20th century (100 years) has already happened between 2000 and 2014 (14 years) and that another 20th Century Progress will happen between 2015 and 2021 (7 years).

And that this will progress so quickly that Ray Kurzweil (a futurist, who has called this the Law of Accelerating Returns) predicts in a couple of decades that 20th-century progression will be happening multiple times in the same year and then monthly.

So TRYING to grow a business with the same techniques that were used 5 years ago is why everyone keeps failing, even though they are following the “guru’s” strategy to a tea!

The lesson here is: You can’t build a business on marketing strategies alone… anymore!

Maybe 3, 5, 10 years ago you could… but now you need to create a business that is DESIGNED TO SCALE by installing 7-Figure systems and frameworks, no matter where you are in your business journey.

Online businesses TODAY need to be approached like REAL BUSINESSES, not HOPE MARKETING, not HOBBY BUSINESSES… just a mish-mash of strategies and hoping to make something stick.

4 Steps To Breakthrough 6-Figures… And Beyond! 🚀

So now you know what doesn’t work…

Let’s get your business on track to breaking that 6-figures this year!

BUT you will need to change your mindset, and start thinking and acting like the Kick-Ass CEO your business needs.

That means doing the work THAT WORKS, not only the fun stuff…

Believe me, when all of this is in place your LIFE will be fun…

Because you will be:

🙌 Taking amazing income from your business

🙌 Working on the things that only GET RESULTS

🙌 Driving your business in a direction that supports your DREAM LIFE

🙌 Slaying every day but walking away and switching off because your system has is covered

🙌 Enjoying time and holidays with your most loved, because you have set up your schedule that way!


How can you create a plan if you don’t know what you are trying to achieve?

The end point is always the START point of any planning.

The end point is always the START point of any planning.Click To Tweet

The first thing I do with my clients is work out their DREAM LIFE and then turn that into MEASURABLE targets.

Your business is here to give you the life of your dreams, so instead of hoping it will work… design it that way!

Work out how much money you want to take from your business EVERY MONTH (include items from your dream life… new car, holidays, regular date nights, new clothes etc.) and then work out how much revenue you need monthly to take take out this income.

Once you know your revenue, you can create monthly revenue targets to get there and use THESE to create your Focus Plan.

You use a growth rate to determine how much you need to grow every month to go from your current revenue to your target revenue.

And it’s SO easy to do as I have created a calculator for you which does all the complicated work!

Here is a video of how you can do this


Now you have monthly revenue targets that you KNOW will help you reach your goals, you just need to work out a Focus plan.

There are 2 important elements to a Focus Plan:

1 – Minimum Viable Plan

2 – High Leverage

We want to create a plan that ONLY focuses on the tasks that are going to help us reach our TARGETS, eliminating all of the busy work for work that GETS RESULTS and is SIMPLE but VIABLE to execute.

The other key element is to make sure that our Focus Plan links all stages of our customer journey in our business and there are no holes…

This is where you might find you DO have that winning strategy already, it’s just the step before or after isn’t working properly.

The Focus Framework

There are 5 main stages to a customer’s journey with us:

  • Traffic – Where do we meet them and entice them to move onto the next stage? How are you doing this?
  • Capture – How do you capture their details so you can contact them? What Lead Magnets do you have and how do they get them? – email list, phone details for discovery calls, messenger subscriber, Facebook Group etc.
  • Nurture – How do you get them to know, like and trust you… but more importantly, how do you move them closer to buying from you with the content you send them?
  • Customer – What are your offerings? How do they become a paying customer? What mechanisms do you use for each offering… webinar, discovery call, sales page etc.
  • Ascend – Do you move them to other programs / offerings? What offerings do you have and how do you do this?

Once you map this out and link them together you will have a bulletproof plan and SO MUCH clarity on your business. This becomes your full-blown business and marketing plan.

It is so easy to get carried away with this and end up with a very complex and overwhelming plan.

Remember to Keep It Simple Yet Viable with Maximum Leverage.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • What can I do to maximize every strategy/platform?
  • Is there anything I should remove to make more time for a higher performing strategy?
  • Where are the blockages/missing links in my customer journey funnel?
  • Does everything link for a seamless and beautiful customer experience?


There’s no point in spending the time to create this bulletproof plan if you don’t know how to execute it.

Most people struggle to turn a plan into an ACTION PLAN.

And the process becomes so overwhelming that they don’t take action on the plan and then blame the plan…

Oh no sister…

In order for the plan TO WORK

You have to execute it!

Lucky for you, I am going to go through a simple way to turn a plan into a Success SCHEDULE so you know what to do in your business EVERY DAY to get the results you PLANNED in step 1!

You’re welcome!

You have created a big picture overview of your strategy. Now we are going to break it down into TASKS and the schedule them so they get done.

  1. Go through each stage (Traffic, Capture, Nurture, Customer, Ascend) and list out the Strategies you are using.
  2. Then list out EXACTLY what needs to happen for each Platform / Strategy
  3. Now create a task list for each aspect
  4. Schedule it into a Weekly Success Schedule

Ok so let me show you an example so you can do this!

  1. Go through each stage (Traffic, Capture, Nurture, Customer, Ascend) and list out the Strategies you are using.
  2. Then list out EXACTLY what needs to happen for each Platform / Strategy
  3. Now create a task list for each aspect
    I am not going to do all of these but show you how my clients and I do this
  4. Schedule it into a Weekly Success Schedule
    The final bit is easy! Just add it into your schedule.
    I am an MAD Asana user and have turned all of my tasks into Templates and automated the recurring tasks but you can do this in your planner, have a weekly/daily checklist, Trello… whatever works for you!!

Now you have taken: 

The BIG PICTURE plan ➡️ outlined the exact strategy you are going to use ➡️ turned each strategy into tasks ➡️ scheduled those tasks

Now it’s up to YOU to take action on those tasks every day.

A couple of tips on creating a Success Schedule:

✨ Create a Theme for each day of the week eg. Monday – Social Media, Tuesday – Content Creation, Friday – Finance and Overflow

✨ Batch similar tasks so you don’t lose time switching from one platform to another and so you can get in flow. Here are some examples:

  • Do all of your graphics for Blog Posts, Pins, Instagram, YouTube Thumbnails in a block
  • Write all of your captions, scripts and Blog Posts on the same day or in a block of time
  • Record several videos on the same day

✨ Allocate time for Growth (training, strategy)

✨ Allocate time for planning, tracking and reviewing WEEKLY, MONTHLY and QUARTERLY. This is the BIGGEST and most important tip I can give you. Tracking and Reviewing what IS and ISN’T working so you can eliminate and focus on the things that are working is where you will get the compound results.


I am not going to go into this too much as you can’t achieve this until you have got Step’s 1 – 3 NAILED.

And in doing steps 1 – 3 you are already creating systems and workflows. Step 4 happens as a natural progression of doing Steps 1 – 3 correctly.

But then you put it on steroids and start to delegate and automate what you can, so you have MORE time to focus on the HIGH LEVERAGE parts of your business.


If you are ready to follow a system designed to get you the RESULTS YOU WANT in your life and business, then make sure you watch this NEW training.




How You Can Breakthrough 6-Figures And Stop Wasting Time On Things That Don't Work
How You Can Breakthrough 6-Figures And Stop Wasting Time On Things That Don't Work
How You Can Breakthrough 6-Figures And Stop Wasting Time On Things That Don't Work
How You Can Breakthrough 6-Figures And Stop Wasting Time On Things That Don't Work