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There is an epidemic among female entrepreneurs that I call 'The Hustle Epidemic'. As women, we already have that over achieving, hard working, perfectionist character embedded deeply in our being that holds us back... but the HUSTLE message, which is meant to be worn as a badge of honor is stopping women from creating joyful, profitable, efficient businesses.
And it DOESN'T have to be this way AT ALL!
If you are like the mass of female entrepreneurs then you are basically in a over-worked and low paying job for your business! You take 'what's left over' as income. You are overwhelmed, frustrated, working really long hours and feel guilty having a social and family life because you should be working in your business trying to grow it... sound like you?
Are you sick of hearing that the latest instagram strategy, launch strategy, quiz strategy, piece of automated software is going to be your answer to revenue rolling in?
And you know this isn't true because you BUY and TRY and NOTHING CHANGES!

I know, just because you are here and reading this, that you got into business to make a HUGE impact in the world with your gifts AND create a business you absolutely LOVE working in that gives you the time and financial freedom that businesses can provide.
But up until now, this dream has eluded you... it's frickin' hard work and there's no sign of it letting up!
'The Hustle Epidemic' has programmed us to just keep working around the clock, trying everything we can to make it work, be on every social media platform, sacrifice our income, our time, our happiness... because that's the way you grow a business, and if you don't 'hustle', you're not REALLY an entrepreneur, you don't REALLY want it enough!
Do I believe in working hard? F*%^ Yeah!
BUT I believe in working hard, within a scheduled time which is productive, performance driven and gets the results you want in your business AND your life!
And running wildly around the streets of 'grow my business' like a contestant on 'The Amazing Race' is NOT the way to do this.
Before you start using all the street level strategies for social media, launches, content marketing, podcasting... you have to know where you are and where you want to get to and CREATE A PLAN to get you there within a business that is structured for PROFIT!

You need to work ON your business... become the kick ass CEO that your business needs... even IF you are "JUST" a solopreneur!

I know this isn't the common message out there... but the common message, no matter how shiny it is made to look, hasn't worked and won't work until you know how to plug it in to your business that is designed to GROW!

I want you to GET STARTED NOW to create a business you love working in, that is financially structured to PAY YOU the income you WANT and a plan to GROW. 


Hi, I'm Shannon

I help high achieving entrepreneurs who are stuck, struggling and aren't making enough income, multiply their revenue to multiple 6-figures and create time-leverage so they can reach both their personal and business goals quickly with 7-figure systems that are designed to SCALE!

I have managed low budget to multi-million dollar tv and film productions (essentially businesses) for over 18 years managing the budget, all departments, equipment and ensuring the creative vision of the Producers and the Director is brought to screen on budget and on time. The transferable skillset from this is immeasurable, but it's not my passion.

I believe that your business should provide you with the life of your dreams... with 10+ years in a DIY online business, I have the learn't every skill I needed (and a tonne of stuff I don't!!) and I realised that the epidemic of selling marketing strategies as business growth strategies was out of control. If you want your dream life, you need MORE than 1 or 2 HOT marketing strategies. 

Having a system that focuses on the foundation of this new online business model isn't as sexy as Instagram... but if you are ready to scale, you need to know how to run a business. And THAT's my passion... to show you how to do that!



Discover how to eliminate limiting beliefs holding you back in your business.
5 simple exercises and mindset shifts you MUST make BEFORE you can create a successful 6 or 7 figure business.


It was absolutely clear to me within the first few minutes of my call with Shannon that she had spent time getting to understand me and my business. I felt all the ideas she put forward were achievable to help with any financial hurdles, many of which were things I had never even thought of before. But this was also so much more than that, it was a complete overview of all areas of my business, with many suggestions of how i could make improvements, which i thoroughly appreciated. I came off the call feeling completely inspired and ready to take action which I did very soon after...and feeling really positive about how I could move my business forward. I feel very excited for the future.I was quickly able to action many things, and immediately looked at the suggestions Shannon had made and listed my actions to take. As a result so far my website feels far more user friendly. I look forward to implementing further actions to see the results possible with the financial structure in place. I also feel far more focused on my ideal client and can clearly see what i need to to do to achieve my financial goals

Sarah Humphreys (Inspired Brides )
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